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Karen’s Column, Part 2 of 2 for April 2021, written by the Founder of the B and B Academy

 The B&B dogs and I are currently enrolled in an online Naughty But Nice Dog Bootcamp. 

Saffy and Ralphie are our latest rescue dogs. They are 85% nice, but the 15% naughty part – barking at night and jumping up people they can’t wait to meet – is affecting their ability to be the perfect B&B dogs I envisioned. 

Our last generation of B&B dogs, Mitsi and Murphy, weren’t perfect. But as time passes, any memory of naughtiness is fading, and I’m often accused by Mr B&B of polishing their halos. 

Whilst it was Murphy who was the one normally getting into scrapes, Mitsi had her moments too…. 

One day I showed a couple of repeat guests to their room – a pair of dog loving retired vets in their 70s. The wife was by the window, admiring our view, and I stood next to her husband by the door. 

Suddenly he jumped, turned to me with a look of horror on his face and said “Well Really!” 

Unsure what had happened, I turned to see that, unnoticed by any of us, Mitisi had sneaked up stairs and pushed her nose firmly between his legs. 

At this point, any semblance of professionalism on my part went out of the window, and I collapsed into uncontrollable giggles, shortly joined by his wife when she learned what had happened. 

He was not so impressed … 

If you have a guest-goosing B&B dog too, or are planning to get one, I’ve written a blog post on the ups and downs of owning a dog and running a B&B. 


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