Toilet paper origami

bed and breakfast academy toilet paper origami

I’m staying on the toilet theme this week. I appreciate it’s not considered polite conversation but, like it or not, toilets do feature quite heavily in a B&B owner’s life.

On a holiday to the states a few years ago, we arrived at our B&B and I headed for the bathroom – it had been a long drive – and there was an origami boat on the toilet roll!

I messaged my cleaner a photo and a jokey comment, saying I expected her to be proficient in origami by my return. I immediately regretted the message. Getting 3 rooms cleaned properly in the allotted time was challenging enough. There was no time for toilet paper origami!

And that turned out to be the problem at this B&B. On closer inspection the bathroom really wasn’t as clean as it could be. Maybe they should have spent more cleaning and less time on origami…

It can be a race against time to get a B&B room ready, so it’s important to prioritise getting the basics right first, BEFORE the frills.

Whenever I was in charge of the cleaning, it always took me longer as I’d be doing all of the little things that didn’t get done in a standard clean.

My mantra became “To get my 5 star review and ensure the guests have the perfect stay – Is it absolutely necessary to do this task right now?”

Of course, if you do have spare time and fancy learning toilet paper origami – take to Google to learn how and please send me a photo!

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